VIDEO: Glenn Beck has argument with God after secret prophecy comes true

“My longest running unspoken prophecy–if you will, prompting– is being fulfilled right now. And it is one that I haven’t spoken. And I still I’m not going to. Because it is the one most personally frightening to me. It’s begun.



Glenn Beck seems to be freaking out a bit (or is this is a just another day the office?) in this “Morning Meeting” video shot for The Blaze, possibly alarmed about some dramas currently playing out in the news. The first thing to notice is that his morning “meeting” consists of him rambling for 3 minutes, and then a prayer. Anyway, here’s our edit (complete with The Derp Song):

In it, we learn that Beck has secret prophesies he won’t reveal– not because it’s irresponsible to broadcast the fever dreams of a mad man as news, but because they are “too frightening”. For him or for us, he doesn’t say. Either way, we are meant to be left with a vague sense of fear and dread.

And I even argued with him [God] a week ago saying, ‘not possible… won’t happen… not possible.’ And it’s happening. And I know it. And it is more important then you can understand.”

This is some next level narcissism. Not only does he have a personal relations ship with the creator of the universe, and not only does he talk to this invisible friend all the time– but he argues with him. That’s right: God cares so much about what Glenn Beck thinks that he is running ideas by him, and getting into debates about stuff. What stuff? Shhh. Secret stuff.

“You know, I’ve said: you’ve got to be that person when people are saying ‘come over here, come over here, come over here…’ That’s going to happen soon. The government is going to say come to us, even stronger than they are. The Alex Jones people are gonna say come to us, because will free you from that. And we have to be saying don’t do either. Don’t. Don’t. Stay with God.”

Those are your three choices, people, got it? Government… Alex Jones… or God (and Glenn Beck). It’s hard to believe anyone takes this guy seriously, but apparently a lot of people do. Considering his lousy track record when it comes to predictions, and his constant, well-documented paranoia, we shouldn’t get too alarmed about anything he says.

“Its gonna get ugly. But now is the time. The Malcolm X, Martin Luther King time is here. It’s here. It’s happening.”

I’m lost, is it the 60’s again? Is he saying he is the new MLK? Because it wouldn’t be the first time.

Here’s the thing. Martin Luther King had a dream. Glenn Beck just has derp.

* * *

Kudos to Media Matters and Right Wing Watch for keeping track of this stuff.