How to Take a Minor Story Out of Scandanavia and Make it All About “ME! ME! ME!”

I really don’t like writing about the FUD Babe. She simply doesn’t deserve the amount of attention that she somehow attracts. I have a feeling that we have even reached a point where companies are happy to be the focus of her ire. Starbucks recent total dismissal of her Campaign de FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and […]

This Thursday night in Philly, it’s a Skeptics In The Pub Spooky Edition with paranormal investigator Kenny Biddle

It’s a special Skeptics In The Pub on Mischief Night (aka Hackers Night, aka Goosey Night, aka Hell Night, aka Cabbage Night, aka Gate Night, aka Mat Night, aka Devil’s Night, aka Mischievous Night, aka Miggy Night, aka Trick Night. Ah, these are things you learn from reading Wikipedia). We have a special guest speaker […]

Celebrate Carl Sagan Day 2014 in Philadelphia!

  On Sunday November 9th, 2014, grab your turtleneck and corduroy blazer and join us for a celebration of Carl Sagan Day, a day to have billions and billions of fun, and remember that we are made of star stuff. We’re having a viewing party for the original COSMOS, along with some other selected videos, […]

An open letter to people attending the “March Against Chemtrails”

This Saturday September 27th, 2014, thousands of people around the world will apparently be taking part in the “March Against Chemtrails” – a global protest of what they believe is a sinister, ongoing plot by the powers-that-be to drop chemicals on the public from high in the sky for vague nefarious reasons. Groups in cities […]

Ebola zombies are a thing now

A single unconfirmed report has been spreading around the internets like, well, a zombie outbreak. The story originating in Liberian newspaper, The New Dawn claims that two women in separate villages in eastern Liberia have died from Ebola and subsequently been resurrected. via: The New Dawn Two Ebola patients, who died of the virus in […]

Skeptics in the Pub is tonight in Philly at a new location

It’s a night of spirited discussions, laughs, & table games, held on the first and third Thursdays of each month, at a selected pub in Philadelphia. This time we’re making a move– to a little spot called The Blind Pig, in Northern Liberties. We have the back area reserved, featuring a giant table which seats […]

Line-up announcement for Get Real 8: Comedy you can believe in! Sunday September 28

Philly’s most blasphemous comedy show is back! It’s a comedy cabaret of skeptic proportions. GET REAL 8 Comedy you can believe in! Musical guest GEORGE HRAB Standup by JAMES HESKY  Featuring ALISON ZEIDMAN Introducing JOSH KOSH Storytelling by HILLARY REA Burlesque by MIKA ROMANTIC Hosted by DAVE TERRUSO   […]

Quantum-Nano Nonsense Leaves Saltwater Powered Car Running on Empty

You may have seen this story about a saltwater powered car going around this week. All of the most prestigious news agencies picked it up. A quick Google search brings up stories on,, and of course, the Daily Mail who with their patented 15 bullet point headline system nicely summed up the story. […]

God performed another miracle that so far has only killed 1400 people

  Dr Kent Brantly is thankful, and he has good reason to be. While working as a medical missionary in Liberia, Brantly was unfortunate enough to contract Ebola. He was, however, fortunate enough to be air lifted 4000 miles back to the US where he was taken to one of the best acute care hospitals […]