Top 5 Reasons to watch Cosmos on the big screen tonight

It’s Spacetime Sunday at National Mechanics in Philadelphia, and you’re invited. Here are the top 5 reasons you should be there tonight. 5. Two words: fish & chips. Three more words: happy hour prices. The best spot in Old City also has some of the best pub grub around, from the world-class fish & chips […]

VIDEO: Glenn Beck has argument with God after secret prophecy comes true

“My longest running unspoken prophecy–if you will, prompting– is being fulfilled right now. And it is one that I haven’t spoken. And I still I’m not going to. Because it is the one most personally frightening to me. It’s begun.   Glenn Beck seems to be freaking out a bit (or is this is a […]

Protestors bully Brandeils into revoking Ali’s honorary degree– here’s what she would have said

One of today’s most courageous voices for equal rights and free speech essentially had her mic turned off and was asked to leave by the very people who invited her to speak. Most of the pressure seems to have come from the Council on American-Islamic Relations, who condemn Ayaan Hirsi Ali for being “Islamophobic” (a […]

According to a new survey, millenials still talk to God, but less are buying what he’s selling

For some millennials who took this survey, God is like that friend you have have who works for Herbalife or one of those new energy companies, always trying to rope you in to some marketing scheme that seems to upend the laws of economics. You talk to them and entertain their offers, but you’re just […]

Do you know homeopathic from herbal? General Physicians offering “alternative quackery”

Apparently, it’s Homeopathy Awareness Week. As in, are you aware that homeopathy is complete and total bullshit? I’m not sure it’s what the organizers have in mind, but that’s the way we’re celebrating here. Let’s file this one under: That awkward moment when the patient knows better than the doctor. “I was absolutely horrified when […]

Derpmonic Possession: Nigerian Witch-Hunter Says Your Kids Might Have It

  “If a child under the age of two screams in the night, cries and is always feverish with deteriorating health, he or she is a servant of Satan.” – Helen Ukpabio, Liberty Foundation Gospel Ministries Kids can sometimes be little demons. Not actual, but figurative demons. The same way they can be little devils, […]

Woo of the Week: Dirt. Stop Eating Dirt.

Starting a natural health fad is exceedingly simple. The first thing you want to do is find a practice from outside of your own culture. The further in distance and time you go, the better the practice. Ancient peoples on the other side of the planet had the world all figured out and ever since […]

Arguing from Ignorance and Making the Jump from UFO to IFO

Anomaly hunters have a love of anything that appears to be unidentifiable. The more hazy the better. A smudge on an old frame of film or light reflecting off of a mote of dust can quickly be identified as a ghost. Not only a ghost, but a specific ghost with an identity and known desires. […]

The Self-Correcting Nature of Science at Work

After almost 20 years on the market and billions spent by governments around the world stockpiling in fears of a 2009 flu pandemic, a comprehensive review of Tamiflu has shown it to be no more effective than placebo at reducing complications due to influenza. read more at The Guardian Today we found out that Tamiflu […]

Derpumentary of the Day: The Principle

One of the big lessons we learn early in life is so ubiquitous it’s become a cliche: The world doesn’t revolve around you. Apparently there are people who never got that memo, and they’ve made a “documentary” to be released this spring called The Principle (trailer below) promoting their belief that the earth is stationary […]