Skeptics In The Pub Philly – Early April Edition: this Thursday night

We’re back in our new location for a semi-special edition. And by semi-special we mean sweet, because semi-sweet chocolate chips make sweet tasting cookies. But what are we doing that’s so semi-special? We’ll be testing out the sound system and projector in the conference room. We’re going to show a few short videos, and hear […]

Skeptics In The Pub March Special Edition w/ Steve Jacobs – This Thursday!

We’re back in our new location for a special edition, featuring comedian Steve Jacobs (aka Steve Gerben). He will be dropping knowledge bombs about Saudi Arabia. It’s an investigative piece that he has been working on for a while, like some weirdo obsessive in his basement drawing lines between photos tacked on a bulletin board. […]

Tomorrow! Skeptics In The Pub Philly Meetup: An Honest Liar, The James Randi story

We’re meeting up for a trip to the movies, with brunch beforehand and drinks after. AN HONEST LIAR is a film about deception, told through James “The Amazing” Randi’s life and acts using never-before-seen historical footage and many of the original people involved. With appearances by Adam Savage, Penn & Teller, Bill Nye, Alice Cooper […]

Skeptics In The Pub Philly moves to a new home

We’re super excited to announce the brand new and amazing venue welcoming us as regular guests. Last year, 2nd Story Brewing Co. opened up in the heart of Old City, taking over the old Triumph Brewery building and adding their own renovations and style, making it even more beautiful than it was. And yes, they […]

Why Darwin Day?

In 1885, the current Prince Albert Edward (of Wales) accepted on behalf of the Trustees of the British Museum, and for the nation, the exceptionally characteristic statue of Charles Darwin, which prominently resides today atop the first flight of steps facing the entrance hall to the Natural Museum of History of London in South Kensington, […]