A Conspiracy Theorist and His Money are Easily Parted

I am fully convinced that popular crowd funding site Indiegogo.com now only exists so conspiracy theorists have an easy way to scam other conspiracy theorists out of money. In the last few months they have hosted campaigns for scam medical devices, free energy scams, and now this: via: Pando.com “MH370 Is Missing with 239 People […]

What If God Was Just Made Up?

A parody song performed by the great Dave Terruso at our most recent comedy show, Get Real 7. Because of technical difficulties we were unable to record it (thanks Mercury in retrograde/gremlins). We plan to try again as soon as the planets are aligned. Until then, cue up the original, sing along with the new […]

A Report on Gluten

A Report on Gluten GLUTEN By Jim Grammond One of the most thrown around terms in food these days is gluten. But very few people know what gluten is. The purpose of this unbiased report is to educate and inform consumers about gluten, its history, and why it may or may not be right for […]

VFN welcomes our new contributor, Jim Grammond

Jim is a comedian and writer living in Philadelphia. He has performed at our Get Real comedy shows multiple times, and people have yet to throw any vegetables. He is also a writer and performer with the Philly Improv Theater‘s sketch group Dog Mountain, and former host of Reasonable Discourse with Jerks at PHIT. He […]

Get Real 7 line-up announcement! Sunday July 13 @ National Mechanics

Sunday July 13 GET REAL. Comedy you can believe in! special guest Leighann Lord veryfunnylady.com hosted by Dave Terruso featuring Aaron Nevins With Chris O’Connor Plus Alison Zeidman And Michael Rainey National Mechanics 22 s. 3rd St. Seating at 8pm, show at 8:30. Food served ‘til 11. $12 suggested donation RSVP here.Advance tickets will be […]

The Food Babe actually made orange Gatorade less healthy. Here’s how.

If you frequent the skeptical blogosphere, or have a relative who still thinks that vaccines cause autism and constantly posts Natural News-esque articles, than you have no doubt heard of that never ending fount of nonsense Vani Hari, or as she prefers to be called, “The Food Babe”. Hari has made it her oddly misogynistic […]

When will Philadelphia get to see the new documentary about James “The Amazing” Randi?

James Randi is one of our favorite people here at VFN, and a personal hero of mine. Simply put, this man’s influence is enormous. Following in the footsteps of Harry Houdini, he has made it his life’s mission to expose charlatans, scams, quackery, lairs and frauds, from astrology to zenreiki, and along the way has […]

Skeptics In The Pub – Philly: the best meet-up/book club where you can drink tall beers and eat giant pretzels with friends

Join us tonight for spirited discussions, tall beers and giant soft pretzels as we valiantly battle off the throngs of marauding bobos and brohos, holding our ground early, eventually annexing nearby tables and building Jenga block castles to the sky in our never ending quest to fight the good fight in the war of ideas […]

Line-up announced for Get Real 6 comedy show – limited reserved seating available now

We’re back from a winter break, at a great new location, with a fundraiser for the Out There Science Fair this fall. Sunday May 4, 2014 Visible Friends present GET REAL 6 – Comedy you can believe in! Hosted by: DOOGIE HORNER @DoogieHorner | doogiehorner.com Doogie Horner is a comedian, writer, and artist. He is […]

Top 5 Reasons to watch Cosmos on the big screen tonight

It’s Spacetime Sunday at National Mechanics in Philadelphia, and you’re invited. Here are the top 5 reasons you should be there tonight. 5. Two words: fish & chips. Three more words: happy hour prices. The best spot in Old City also has some of the best pub grub around, from the world-class fish & chips […]